Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top 3 Fun Valentine's Gifts for (just about) anyone!

This Top Gifts Tuesday, here are three suggestions for fun Valentine's Day gifts that would make just about anyone smile.

1. Teddy Bears - Our bears are better than ever and make great gifts for the kids, an out-of-town friend or anyone that could use an extra hug. (Featured:
Loved (white) Teddy Bear)

2. Tote Bags - Totes are a great gift in themselves, but they can also be filled with matching goodies and given as a fun alternative to the standard gift basket. (Featured: thePlanets Tote Bag)

3. Magnets - Unique magnets are a sweet little I'm-thinking-of-you gift. (Featured: Every Life Writes a Poem Rectangle Magnet)

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